Albioma is an independent renewable energy producer committed to the energy transition.

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Employees put their skills to the service of the Group every day

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Our thermal, solar and geothermal power plants respectively generate renewable electricity by burning biomass and converting solar energy in a photovoltaic process.

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of renewable energy in the energy mix

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Listed in the Euronext Regulated Market in Paris, Albioma is committed to provide the financial community with regular, transparent and easily accessible information.

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Sustainable Development

CSR is a key pillar of the Group’s growth strategy

This is reflected in a five-year roadmap that sets out our ambitions in terms of environmental performance, industrial relations and social issues. This roadmap is structured around eight key commitments.

Refer to our CSR report for a more detailed presentation of this roadmap.

Accessible here.
Refer to our CSR report for a more detailed presentation of this roadmap.

Three-pronged strategy

Learn about the raft of initiatives adopted for our three-pronged CSR strategy.

Examples of CSR initiatives carried out by the Group

Solid CSR performance


ESG performance score

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Ranked in the European gas and electricity sector

Index Gaïa

Albioma features in the Gaïa index, which honours the companies with the best performance, out of a panel of 230 SMEs and midcap firms.