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Our thermal, solar and geothermal power plants respectively generate renewable electricity by burning biomass and converting solar energy in a photovoltaic process.

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Autonomous solar electric vehicle charging station

  • Type: Solar power plant
  • Installed since: 2022
  • Installed capacity: 40 KWp
  • Address: 21 rue Hélène Boucher, 97438 Sainte-Marie

The solar charging station project has largely decarbonized the Albioma Solaire Réunion vehicle fleet.

Presentation of the site

Twelve vehicles are recharged each day to more than 85% with solar energy, thanks to its photovoltaic shade (about 40 kWp) and its batteries which allow solar energy to be distributed throughout the day.

It saves more than 20 tonnes of CO2 equivalent per year compared to recharging on the Réunion network and thus contributes to the transition to more sustainable mobility.