Albioma is an independent renewable energy producer committed to the energy transition thanks to biomass and photovoltaics.

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Our thermal and solar power plants respectively generate renewable electricity by burning biomass and converting solar energy in a photovoltaic process.

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Bois-Rouge power plant

  • Type: Thermal biomass power plant
  • Installed since: 1992
  • Installed capacity: 108,5 MW
  • Workforce: 67

The first bagasse/coal hybrid thermal power plant in France was established by Albioma in 1992 at the Bois-Rouge site. It was then the only one installation on the island able to convert bagasse, a fibrous residue from sugar cane, into electricity to supply the Réunion power grid.


Located in the north of Réunion Island, the Bois-Rouge cogeneration plant has an installed capacity of 108.5 MW, compared to 60 MW when it first opened in 1992. It is adjacent to the Bois-Rouge sugar refinery which, during the sugar harvests, feeds it with the bagasse needed for its activity.

Biomass and energy production

In 2018, the Bois-Rouge plant processed 230,543 tonnes of bagasse and 150 tonnes of green pulp into low pressure steam and electricity. Faithful to the cogeneration principle, part of this energy was returned to the neighbouring sugar refinery, whilst the rest was sent to the Réunion grid. In 2018, this part was 650 GWh.


thousand tonnes

of bagasse and 150 tonnes of green pulp used in 2018



of electricity produced in 2018

A move towards a 100% biomass energy mix

As well as sugar harvests, Albioma is looking to reuse other renewable energy sources, such as green shreds, in order to convert the Bois-Rouge plant to 100% biomass by 2023. This development is in line with the targets set by the energy transition law and which is now part of Réunion Island’s multi-year energy plan.