Albioma is an independent renewable energy producer committed to the energy transition.

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Our thermal, solar and geothermal power plants respectively generate renewable electricity by burning biomass and converting solar energy in a photovoltaic process.

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What is a renewable energy?


Energies that are said to be renewable (REN) have the characteristic of coming from natural sources. They are produced from “flows” (sunshine, water, wind, plant growth and geothermal energy) that are renewed quickly enough for them to be considered inexhaustible. This contrasts with what are said to be “stock” energies, which are fossil fuels: coal, oil and gas.

Do renewable energies produce zero emissions?

Unlike fossil fuels, renewable energies emit little or no CO2 when they are used to produce electricity. Solar energy is completely clean, while biomass has a neutral carbon footprint. This means that the quantity of CO2emitted during combustion is equal to the quantity that the plants absorb during photosynthesis. Nevertheless, this offsetting effect involves us ensuring that the plant resource is renewed properly. This is why we at Albioma work exclusively with players known for their sustainable management practices.

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