Albioma, notre nature est pleine d'énergie

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million tonnes
Total installed capacity in 2017
Total electricity generated in 2017
Number of employees who put their skills to work every day around the Group to generate cleaner, more efficient energy
Total quantity of biomass recovered for energy generation in 2017, enough to fill in the Stade de France 7 times!

Our commitment to corporate responsibility

Social and environmental responsibility, a core value of our Group: strong commitments that guide our growth

Protecting and developing the company’s human capital

The men and women of Albioma are the company’s primary strength. Nearly 330 people put their skills to work every day around the Group to generate cleaner and more efficient energy. Because the technical nature of our business demands high levels of expertise and continual hands-on involvement from our people, we return their commitment by investing in safety, promoting diversity and encouraging high-quality social dialogue.


Targeting zero accidents

The safety of all our people is an absolute priority for the Group. We pay the greatest possible attention to the trend in occupational accident frequency and severity across all our sites, and have put in place a series of training, awareness, diagnostic, accident prevention, inspection and audit programmes to achieve two simple goals: 0 accidents and 100% of employees trained in safety.


A strong commitment to training, diversity and social dialogue

We are committed to offering comprehensive programmes designed to enable every individual to develop and adapt their skills and achieve their full potential. The level of training actually delivered is constantly monitored. Our goal is to ensure that every employee receives at least 35 hours of training every year. The Group is also involved in local socio-economic development by encouraging the workplace integration of young people through apprenticeship and work/study opportunities. The Group is also working towards the point where these young men and women represent 5% of our total workforce.


We have also adopted a series of strong commitments to protect our diversity and combat all forms of discrimination, with the emphasis on promoting equal opportunities for men and women and bringing disabled people into the workplace.


Lastly, we are committed to maintaining and expanding a dynamic and constructive process of dialogue with employee representative bodies.


Generating dependable, responsible energy

Our market presence in the islands of the French overseas territories requires us to take a very demanding approach to energy generation in terms of quality and continuity. We make a permanent effort to keep unscheduled shutdowns at an exceptionally low level, with the goal of maintaining an average annual availability rate of between 90% and 92%.


We are aware of the climatic issues, and minimising the impact of our business activities on local populations and ecosystems is a central and ongoing concern, especially in terms of atmospheric emissions.


Our next challenge will be to increase the contribution to total generation made by energy from renewable sources, in order to develop a form of energy with lower carbon emissions. Our first 100% biomass (bagasse/wood) generating plant – the Galion 2 project in Martinique – is scheduled to come on stream in 2015. We plan to be able to increase the proportion of overall generation represented by renewable sources from 1/3 in 2012 to 2/3 within 10 years.


Being the preferred partner of agribusiness

Our financial model is built on long-term partnerships with agribusiness operators. This win-win model is made possible by a true partnership between the Group and agribusiness industry players. So in exchange for the bagasse they supply, sugar producers receive the low-pressure steam and electricity they need to operate their installations.


Our model also gives us the freedom to recover energy from our own by-products, which include the digestates produced by digestion processes, which are returned to farmers in the form of natural fertilisers.


Making a proactive contribution to local economies and communities

Our local roots allow us to contribute in many different ways to energising local economies by creating direct and indirect jobs that cannot be relocated, and by acting as a driving force for energy transition in the regions where we operate. We engage in a permanent process of dialogue with our local stakeholders, which we see as essential to identifying opportunities for improvement, innovation and profitable partnership at every level.