Albioma, notre nature est pleine d'énergie

Our activities

Solar power is an inexhaustible energy source with considerable technological potential. Taking advantage of its presence in very sunny regions, Albioma has been the leading player in the production of photovoltaic power in the Overseas France since 2006.

To offset the intermittent nature of solar energy, the photovoltaic projects developed by Albioma include storage technology. This technology, used in combination with a software architecture providing weather forecasting services, partly compensates for the intermittent nature of this energy source, the efficiency of which depends on the amount of sunlight. These new solar plants enable us to increase the number of hours per day of photovoltaic energy availability.

Environmental-friendliness at the heart of our projects

Albioma complies with strict environmental and occupational health and safety standards.
We operate a photovoltaic fleet that is evenly split between rooftop and ground-array power plants. Particular attention is paid to blending these projects into their surroundings and managing potential conflicts regarding land use. In addition, the batteries we use comply with strict environmental standards and are returned to the manufacturer for recycling at the end of their life.
Solar power opens up new perspectives that we are eager to explore, such as electric vehicle charging stations, the use of disused quarries and landfill sites to install our solar panels, and photovoltaic magnetisation of streetlights.



Nos chiffres clés
Installed power for all our solar plants combined
Installed power for all our solar plants in the French West Indies and French Guiana
Installed power for all our solar plants in the Indian Ocean region
Installed power for all our solar plants in Metropolitan France and southern Europe
We are the first French solar energy production company to obtain triple Quality, Safety and Environment (QSE) certification.