Albioma, notre nature est pleine d'énergie

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million tonnes
Total installed capacity in 2016
Total electricity generated in 2016
Number of employees who put their skills to work every day around the Group to generate cleaner, more efficient energy
Total quantity of bagasse recovered for energy generation in 2016, enough to fill in the Stade de France 7 times!

are we?

Albioma is an independent energy producer developing and operating projects in the three fast-growing sectors of thermal biomass, anaerobic digestion and solar power.

Our core business is high-performance energy recovery from biomass that is free from any conflict of use, with particular emphasis on bagasse, the fibrous residue that remains after sugar cane has been crushed. This original historical market positioning has established the Group as a central player in energy generation for the French overseas departments and Mauritius, our first international venture.


In all these markets, we bring a unique body of expertise in energy generation from the hybrid combustion of biomass (bagasse/other sources of biomass/coal).


A pioneer in agricultural anaerobic digestion in mainland France, the Group began generating energy from the digestion of agriculture and agribusiness by-products in 2012.


Lastly, working in synergy with our bagasse/coal cogeneration operations, we also propose a complementary offer within solar power supported by our high-efficiency, profitable solar resources.


As a longstanding partner of agribusiness, we develop, build, fund and operate midsize power generating plants under secure long-term contracts.


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